Marlin Mania

We are blessed to have the best opportunities for heavy game fishing in the southern hemisphere.

We are Home to the Black and Blue Marlin and boast the best fishing grounds in the world. Statistically 85% of the world's 1000lb plus fish are caught on our local grounds of the Great Barrier Reef. From all corners of the globe anglers arrive on our doorstep to achieve what many consider as the Holy Grail of Fishing.

During the months of September to December the bigger females arrive from the Pacific Ocean to breed with our smaller male stallions which reside all year round. This congregation occurs on the edge of the continental shelf adjacent to our outer reef systems only 30 miles from the coast. Iconic fishing locations where we target these magnificent creatures include Linden Bank, Opal Ridge, Ribbon Reefs, Jewell Reef and the Seamount. Travelling time from your chosen destination, whether it be Port Douglas or Lizard Island is around 80 minutes. We have the closest ports to these exotic destinations on the east coast of Australia.

The use of game vessels is paramount to handle the furious pace of this fishing once hooked-up to a marlin and our beautifully appointed Amokura vessel has seen many in excess of that magical 1000lb mark. They are extremely strong and have extremely dynamic fighting capabilities launching into the air and offer surging runs at lightning speed.

With modern technology many fights average 15-30 minutes in length but many have been known to last several hours. State of the art 80lb-130lb reels are used to tame these beauties during the breeding season and 30lb-50lb stand-up tackle is used outside of this for the smaller resident models. Trolling big skip baits is the industry standard for the bigger fish but they also are caught on game fishing skirted lures and garfish rigs (more so the smaller male species and blue marlin).

We have an experienced specialised crew which is essential to be successful at this pursuit because it's claimed as the pinnacle of fishing achievements. It's Formula One Grand Prix Fishing and simply a pure adrenalin rush you'll never forget.

Let us take you to the Pinnacle of Fishing Pursuits!

Marlin are released as standard industry practice.